Unveiling the Website

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Tonight will mark the final unveiling of our new website to the CPCUG Board of Directors.  I can't wait to have them see the work that our consulting company has done at Mark's direction.  Tonight's meeting will be just the beginning as, from this point on, each of us on the Board will need to update our information on a routine basis.  I'm excited and I hope you are too!

New Cross Platform Delphi

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If you haven't noticed Embarcadero has taken Delphi to altogether new places. It will run and produce executables for Apple's OSX and iPad, as well as the more familiar Windows.

There is also a new web oriented technology that allows you to quickly try this new software for free, see

The Invitations have Gone Out

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You are reading this because CPCUG has shared with you the temporary url for our new Website. While we are in Beta-testing, please do not share that URL beyond those you know have been invited. (You can see some of their names on postings and comments on our new website.)

Here's hoping you get involved in the beta testing by registering, and then commenting on blogs and forums, and even posting topics in our forums to ask for help from other users, or to discuss the operations of the new Website, which is now in its beta-testing phase.

Wi-Fi On The Road

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In the past, finding free Wi-Fi away from home was difficult, if not impossible. However, most of the fast food restaurants and many other locations now make Wi-Fi available. If that is true, and it is, that should be the end of my article.

However, in a recent column by a local newspaper, there is a growing issue of quality of that Wi-Fi. I have found McDonalds’ connections consistently good. It has the AT&T name and their hotspots seem to be maintained.

Secure Your Wireless (Wi-Fi) Connection

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Almost all newer laptop computers as well as tablets, smart phones, video game consoles, and home entertainment systems utilize Wi-Fi as a primary or secondary method of connecting to the internet or some other network. According to published reports from several sources, the majority of home internet users have some form of Wi-Fi in their homes, and Wi-Fi is very commonly used in business, commercial, and academic environments.


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