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Discount on Sticky Password Premium

This for Members, thanks to our membership in APCUG: a Discount on Sticy Password, a cross-platform tool to create and control your passwords.

APCUG is pleased to announce that Sticky Password gives APCUG members a 40% discount on their Premium password protection program, when the link above is used: 1 user / 1 year: $11.99 – 1 user / Lifetime: $41.99

It appears you can develop for iOs with C#

The last meetings of the Programmers' SIG were about C#, and now it turns out you can develop iPad, iPhone and Android mobile apps with it. The tool is called Xamarin.

The "news" is that this new tool kit is available during August as a month-by-month subscription, so you can test this tool and its development evironment at pretty low cost. Company says you can cancel anytime and continue month-by-month indefinitely, even if the company withdraws this option.

Access to Official Emailboxes on the new Service


The changeover to the new email system is about to begin, as soon as Dennis and I settle on the date. After that shift has settled, we'll work on moving our security certificate for mail.cpcug.

Those of you who use official accounts will want to know
how to access the new email boxes. There will be a delay of a day or two
while the new internet addresses propagate for our new host.

Whither Microsoft Too?

Various comentators are asking the captioned question too. Consider Woody Leonhard's predictions on the next version of Windows:

Wither Microsoft?

Consider this on Microsoft's current layoffs: What the bloodbath leaves behind

So Have You Voted?

We're working on online voting for visitors, and eventually for Members in a private area.

The first efforts are available via the Vote Now button on the main menu bar. Click and then click again to vote.

Comment here on what you'd like to see polled, and how to attract voters to the poll.


Many offical email addresses will lapse.

CPCUG has long had way too many email boxes for inactive accounts. With the transition to our new, smaller capacity email service many of these will end.

Tell me ASAP if you have problems with any of the following extinctions. Examples of the soon-to be defunct usernames include: 

Net Neutrality Ending and So is Your Chance to Comment

Make up your mind, then let your voice be heard. Soon,

The public comment period on the Federal Communications Commission proposal to allow some big internet corporation to pay extra to "come first" in delivery and routing runs until July 15​th, at which point a second phase of commenting will open up. (That second phase will run for 57 days beyond that, until September 10th, and is meant to allow the public to reply to comments that the FCC received during the first phase.)

Your mailbox will close after July 31st, No Joke

The following message just went out to all email users cpcug:

Please take this message seriously. If you rely on your mailbox, you'll need to find a substitute before July is done.

CPCUG will shortly be ending member email services, other than the few official accounts used by active officers and directors. Please read this message to the end to review your options. It is repeated online here.