CPCUG Board to Review Email Options

April 24

CPCUG's email offerings need to be modernized, so the CPCUG.org Board will be considering changes.

As active users of CPCUG's email know, our email service has been interrupted both by hijacked mailboxes ... which leads to service lockups when rejections of spammer's mail come back to us ... and by oversized online storage volumes, which crashes the IMAP services needed by both our webmail and our smartphone users. Stronger anti-hijacking measures are in place, and the emal server hardware has been replaced, but more is needed at the policy level.

The Board has been presented with a package of possible revisions:

  1. If CPCUG.org moves to a free membership model, email services might be a paid extra for a nominal $20 per year;
  2. Cap maximum online storage volume set at 200 megabytes;
  3. Limit email accounts to members showing activity at least monthly, inactive accounts to be archived. Archived accounts are inaccessible but not deleted, and can be restored on a case by case basis;
  4. More agressive, third-party anti-spam protections might be added account-by-account for an added fee; and
  5. Members not providing an email account to CPCUG.org for our official communications would pay extra for hard-copy messaging.

CPCUG has the option to move to a free-for-non-profits service, which could save us substantial expense. It presents an opportunity to improve the management of our email services, in line with any new email policies.