CPCUG More Agressive on SPAM

March 19

CPCUG is cracking down on email malfactors, to limit abuses of its free Members-Only email accounts. Recently one dormant account may have been taken over by an outsider, and may have been used to send unsolicited email, SPAM. The problem is still under investigation, as it may have only been a sophisticated mimic of the sender's email address.

In order to address the increased risk, CPCUG.org is asking its members with active email accounts to improve their passwords so they cannot be quessed by internet 'bots. New passwords should be at least 8 characters long, contain one or more upper case letters, one or more lower case letters, one or more digits, one or more punctuation marks, and not match real dates or dictionary words. Those members notified of weak email passwords that do not reply to CPCUG's outreach may find their accounts locked.

Other problems occur when too much storage is used in online email folders. Members are urged to keep their folder volumes below 200 files, where each attachment and the email text count as one file